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TURFWORX Pet Products are proven for durability, quality, cleanliness, and resilience.  No more muddy paws in the home.  Also, the proper pet infill can help to eliminate urine odors.
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ZeoFill Natural Pet Infill CamoFill Anti-microbial Coated Infill Green/Black/Tan, 50 lb Bag BioS+ reduces odors in Artificial Turf and leaves a fresh natural scent.
ZeoFill is a naturally mined mineral that helps reduce urine odors in the yard through natural ionic processes. CamoFill is anti-microbial coated sand product designed for Pet applications for maximum drainage and less absorption.  Rounded shape allows water to flow freely through the infill and lessen pet urine odors. 50 lb bag. PE-51 is the safest, strongest concentrated, synthetic turf cleaner and deodorizer for your animals. Attach your hose directly onto the nozzle, turn the nozzles valve to the "on" position and spray your turf making sure you completely cover the artificial grass surface. PE-51 can also be used on artificial turf, real grass, cement, rocks, or anywhere else your animals go!