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TURFWORX Pet Products are proven for durability, quality, cleanliness, and resilience.  No more muddy paws in the home.
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Craftsman Series Ivanhoe ZeoLite Natural Pet Infill BioS+ reduces odors in Artificial Turf and leaves a fresh natural scent.
Craftsman Series Ivanhoe
List Price: $2.85
Our Price: $2.19
Sale Price: $2.19
Savings: $0.66
ZeoLite Natural Pet Infill
List Price: $19.59
Our Price: $16.59
Savings: $3.00
1.57" height, 44 oz. face weight. Field Green/Spring Green with Brown Thatch. Good for pets due to durable blades and easy cleanup. ZeoLite is a naturally mined mineral that helps reduce urine odors in the yard through natural ionic processes. When it comes to removing pet urine odor and stains from artificial grass, concrete, carpet and rugs, BioTurf is head-and-shoulders above the rest. BioTurf has been awarded with the BioS+ designation Bioaugmentation based Product. Our formula is a revolutionary biotechnology product that eliminates urine odor and stains at the source, permanently. BioTurf uses a combination of naturally occurring micro-organisms and their enzymes to digest the uric acid crystals (which produce urine’s pungent aroma) as well as urea (the sticky substance in urine) and proteins (which promote pathogen growth).
Wonderfill Coated Infill 16/30 Green/Black, 50 lb Bag BioFill reduces odors in Artificial Turf and works well with BioS+ spray and leaves a fresh natural scent.
Wonderfill is a coated sand product designed for Pet applications for maximum drainage and less absorption.  Rounded shape allows water to flow freely through the infill and lessen pet urine odors. 40 pound pail of BioFill artificial turf deodorizer granules is 100% natural and safe for children and Pets. BioFill is a great product for pet owners who want to naturally address a safe way to neutralize pet urine ammonia. BioFill eliminates the amount of outgassing or offgassing (gas release) from contaminated artificial grass by absorbing or chemically bonding the released ammonia gas. BioFill granules work by exchanging ions with odor causing elements, which in turn eliminates the stinky odor.