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Infill is the granules that are applied after the turf is installed.  Infill supports the blades and gives the turf ballast to make for a realistic, long lasting natural artificial turf lawn.  The proper amount of infill is necessary to give long lasting quality and appearance.  Ask us about infill ratios.
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Plain Silica Sand 16 mesh, 50 lb Bag Putting Green Infill, 60 mesh, 50 lb Bags CamoFill Anti-microbial Coated Infill Green/Black/Tan, 50 lb Bag
CamoFill Anti-microbial Coated Infill Green/Black/Tan, 50 lb Bag
Our Price: $26.11
Sale Price: $16.99
Savings: $9.12
Plain Washed Silica Sand - 20g - 50lb Bag - Infill rate varies per Turf Product, Ask us for the recommended rate. 60 mesh Plain Silica Sand is the first layer of infill for the PURE putt green.  Follow the 60m with the 30 mesh Black and Green sand for the perfect top dress on your new green.  Also use the sand to top dress when maintaining your green. CamoFill is anti-microbial coated sand product designed for Pet applications for maximum drainage and less absorption.  Rounded shape allows water to flow freely through the infill and lessen pet urine odors. 50 lb bag.
ZeoFill Natural Pet Infill Wonderfill
ZeoFill Natural Pet Infill
Our Price: $24.82
Sale Price: $17.99
Savings: $6.83
Our Price: $25.49
ZeoFill is a naturally mined mineral that helps reduce urine odors in the yard through natural ionic processes. WonderFill 50 lb bag, 12/20 Green//SKU: Wonder50