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TURFWORX Putting Greens give the true feel of a Country Club green right in the back yard. Great for entertaining friends!
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Everlast Poly Two-Tone Putting Green Putting Green Flagstick Knob, Black, Round Putting Green Infill, 60 mesh, 50 lb Bags
Everlast Two-Tone Poly Putt Putting Green, .5", Field Green, Lime Green, Poly Putt, 77 oz. Sand Infill Rate:  1.25 lbs 60g Silica Sand (sold in Putting Green Products) and 1.25lbs 3030g Green and Black sand (top dressing) per Sq Ft. Putting Green Flagstick Knob, threaded to affix flag to flagstick.  Replace those old sun burnt flags and knobs for a new, clean, refreshed look.  Works with the TURFWORX PGFlagstick (28" practice green flag stick). 60 mesh Plain Silica Sand is the first layer of infill for the PURE putt green.  Follow the 60m with the 30 mesh Black and Green sand for the perfect top dress on your new green.  Also use the sand to top dress when maintaining your green.
Putting Green Flag, White Plain Putting Green FlagStick 28" Putting Green Cups, Metal, 6" deep
Flags are designed to fit the 28" flagstick (sold separately).  Simple to attach and replaceable. 28 inch practice green flagstick and ball retriever.  Flag sold separately.  Requires the PGFlagstickKnob from TURFWORX to affix the flag. Professional Putting Green cup will not yellow or warp in the heat.