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TURFWORX partners with Mapei Sports USA for the best, most durable seaming products in the industry.
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32 oz Squeeze Bottle Mapei Seaming Fabric, 12x25 Mapei PU1K, Seaming Adhesive, 29 oz. Caulking Tube
32 oz Squeeze Bottle
Our Price: $5.29
Mapei Seaming Fabric, 12x25
List Price: $23.99
Our Price: $13.69
Savings: $10.30
32 oz Squeeze bottle for Mapei PU1K Pourable adhesive.  Dispense from the gallon Mapei jog into this 32 oz squeeze and use only what you need.  This saves the remainder in the gallon jug for later use. Mapei Seaming Fabric, 12" x 25'.  Works "seamlessly with the Mapei PU1K or PU2K adhesives. Simple to use large 29 oz. caulking tubes make short seams a breeze to install.
Mapei PU1K Pourable Gallon Mapei Seaming Adhesive, 1 Gal
Mapei PU1K (1 part)1 U.S. Gallon (3.78 L) pourable adhesive.  Pourable and sprayable Premium Fast Set Turf Adhesive Mapei turf seam adhesives are proven worldwide for reliability and performance over time.