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TURFWORX offers turf from major manufacturers in Georgia and abroad.  The turf is available in a wide variety of heights, weights, blade structures, softness, resilience, and color selections.
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Laguna by TURFWORX Laguna by TURFWORX

Laguna is a budget conscious artificial turf used for medium traffic. Great for large projects and event spaces.

Our Price: $1.56
Ramona Lite by TURFWORX Ramona Lite by TURFWORX

1.75", Field Green/Lime Green/Brown Thatch, 73 oz. Total Weight

Our Price: $2.12
Perfect Rye by TURFWORX Perfect Rye by TURFWORX

TURFWORX Perfect Rye, 1.4", Forest Green/Olive Green/ Brown Thatch, 70 oz. total weight, Sand infill rate: 1.25 lbs per Sq.Ft.

Our Price: $2.27
DreamLite by TURFWORX DreamLite by TURFWORX

TURFWORX DreamLite is a well-balanced artificial turf with a luscious look and feel It can be used for fringe on a putting green, pet areas and more. Approx. Pile Height: 1.50", Infill Psf: 1.5lb, Roll Width: 15ft, Backing: Polyurethane, Fiber: PE Monofilament
Warranty: 15 Years

Our Price: $2.66
Paradise Found by TURFWORX Paradise Found by TURFWORX

TURFWORX Paradise Found will have your neighbors wondering who does your landscape. This synthethic turf is our most plush of the Professional Series products with a vibrant color. Approx. Pile Height: 1.85", Infill Psf: 2.0lb, Roll Width: 15 ft., Backing: Polyurethane, Fiber: Polypropylene
Warranty: 16 Years

Our Price: $2.85
Simply Real by TURFWORX Simply Real by TURFWORX

Simply Real by TURFWORX, Craftsman Series Turf, 15' width (Sold by the linear foot - Qty 1 equals 15 Sq Ft.)  TW-1005-DUO6.  Features 6-tone reality of color and two different primary blades on the surface.  Next generation turf for the most natural looking lawn replacement.

Our Price: $2.90
Cambria by TURFWORX Cambria by TURFWORX

1.75", Field Green/Olive Green/Brown Thatch, 94 oz total weight

Our Price: $2.94
Bonita Verde by TURFWORX Bonita Verde by TURFWORX

1.5", Forest Green/Olive Green/Brown Thatch, 89 oz. total weight, combination S & C shaped blades

Our Price: $2.98
Malibu by TURFWORX Malibu by TURFWORX

2", Field Green/Olive Green/ Tan thatch, 101 Oz total Weight

Our Price: $3.10
Ramona by TURFWORX Ramona by TURFWORX

1.75", Field Green/Spring Green/Brown Thatch, 99 oz. total weight

Our Price: $3.12
DreamLawn by TURFWORX DreamLawn by TURFWORX

DreamLawn by TURFWORX, Craftsman Series Turf, 15' width (Sold by the linear foot - Qty 1 equals 15 Sq Ft.)  1.75", W Blade, Field/Olive/Tan, 73 oz.

Our Price: $3.22
Paradise Sunrise by TURFWORX Paradise Sunrise by TURFWORX

TURFWORX Paradise Sunrise, 2", Field Green/Spring Green/Brown Thatch, 107 oz. total weight

Our Price: $3.34
Everlast Poly Two-Tone Putting Green Torrey Pines Putt - Putting Green

Everlast Two-Tone Poly Putt Putting Green, .5", Field Green, Lime Green, Poly Putt, 77 oz. Sand Infill Rate:  1.25 lbs 60g Silica Sand (sold in Putting Green Products) and 1.25lbs 3030g Green and Black sand (top dressing) per Sq Ft.

Our Price: $4.29
Life expectancy of an artificial lawn in a residential setting can be 20-25 years if the right product is chosen for the right application.